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Drone Safe World launched in the UK but is now expanding to other continents.

Global Drone Operators For Hire

Our success has been driven by the quality and expertise of our professional drone operators. We work hard to educate the general public and educate them on the importance of using legal, safe drone operators around the world.

Drone technology is revolutionizing many industries and making aerial photography and filming accessible to all. But safety and compliance with regulations remain key factors in drone operations. Drone Safe World is a leader in this field. We offer the safest and most skilled and experienced drone operators globally.

Our aim is to connect your with the best drone pilots in the industry. Our network of professionals have a vast range of experience in everything from aerial inspections to event filming. The Drone Safe World instant quote service makes it possible to access a pilot for a host of drone services.

Our members expertise includes –

  • Drone Surveys

  • Drone Inspections

  • Event Filming for Sports, Concerts and other events

  • Film and TV work

  • Construction projects

  • Aerial filming and photography

Global Drone Operators For Hire

Why Use Drone Safe World?

The drone industry is still relatively new, but our founder and core members are some of the most experiences experts in the world. In the UK we work with clients and businesses of all sizes from individual home owners to international insurance companies.

Drone Safe World is driven by a desire to use innovative technology in safe, cost effective ways.

Our clients come to use for -

  • Professionally approved pilots

  • Focus on safe and legal operations

  • Nationwide coverage on demand

  • Complete range of professional drone services

  • Multi-booking discounts and contracts

  • Expert post-production services

  • Additional Services

We work across industries and sectors to use aerial data capture in new ways. Please get in contact if there’s a project or idea you would like to discuss. 

Popular services include –

  • Virtual Property Tours

  • Crowd Monitoring for Safety and Security

  • 3D Mapping and Modelling

  • Thermal Imaging and Environmental Work

  • Aerial Building Inspections

  • Insurance Work

The vision to supply the best drone operators around the world!

Drone Safe Register was created in the UK with the vision to supply the best drone operators this new industry has to offer. Our success and rapid growth means we are expanding worldwide, including recruiting commercial drone operators in the countries above.

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