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The Worldwide Network of Safe Commercial Drone Operators

Welcome to the official Drone Safe World™ website.

Our vision is to supply the best drone operators around the world!

Due to the steep increase in drone use globally, many countries have struggled to incorporate drones into their structured aviation regulations and finding the right drone operator who can operate legally can always be tricky.

We are excited to announce that after identifying a gap in the global market for a worldwide directory of trained, safe and insured drone pilots, we will be launching this summer.

The first stages of launching Drone Safe World will take place in Europe with an initial 32 countries listed. With an already established network in the UK, there has never been a better time to launch a new global network of commercial operators

Drone Safe World - What this means for the Drone Industry, Worldwide

Following new rules and regulations (brought in on December 29th 2020) in the UK, we are seeing a rise in requests for trained, safe and insured drone operators. We believe that individuals are starting to understand the very real dangers associated with untrained, uninsured and irresponsible drone operators. Having a safe and secure network of professionals means that we can maintain a supply of high-quality aerial data from the best in the business.

We are looking to secure brand partners that share our values and expertise in the industry.

If you would like to be part of Drone Safe World please do get in touch today!

Drone Safe World - Launching 1st June 2021 -